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Windows Found A New Vulnerability

Windows Users Are Going Through Hard Times: Literally Every Week There Are New Reports Of Operating System Vulnerabilities.
 Windows Found A New Vulnerability

At This Time, The Alarm Must Beat The Owners Of Windows 7, Windows 8 And Windows Vista, Because In These Versions Of The Operating System Was Detected Bug, Reboot The User's Computer.
Greetings From The 90's
A Malicious Link, Which Potentially Can Be Placed On A Website Or In An Email Exploit This Vulnerability And Can Slow Down Or Even Stop The Operation Of The System. The Essence Of The Failure Lies In The Fact That The Site Offers A Download To The Device Icon Named $ MFT In The Path Of The Directory - It Is The Name Used By The NTFS File System For Specific Metadata File. It Exists In The Root Folder, But It Is Hidden From The User.
As A Result, Windows 7, 8, And Vista Are Experiencing Difficulties With The Recognition Of The Name Of The Specified Folder. The System Slows Down To The Point That We Have To Restart The Computer To Resume Normal Operation.
Sometimes OS Gives Even The "Blue Screen Of Death."

As The International, Business Times, A Similar Bug Existed In The 90s And Was Aimed At Windows 95 And 98. Information Security Specialist TCC Ilya Sharapov Told That The Vulnerable Point Of These Operating Systems Have Files With Special Names, Are Associated With The Hardware Devices. These Files Could Turn To If They Did Not Exist In The System. In 90 Such Special Was Named «Con», Which Is Responsible For Input / Output Devices.
"In The Case Of A Double Reference To« Con / Con / »Operation Of The System Fails. Link With Dangerous Location Could Have Come Via E-Mail Or Meet On The Internet, "- Said The Expert.
Found Vulnerability Does Not Affect Windows 10 Users, As Other Specific Names Used In It, But Everyone Else Should Have This Bug In Mind. Microsoft Has Been Notified About This Situation, But Has Not Yet Provided A Comment On The Release Of A Patch That Eliminates The Problem. It Is Worth Noting That The Vulnerability Applies On Windows Vista, Which Is No Longer Supported By Microsoft And Does Not Receive The Update.
CTO Of Check Point Software Technologies Nikita Durov Explained "Gazety.Ru" That The Bug Can Not Be Called Vulnerability Information Security, Since It Is A Technical Problem In The NTFS File System.
"So Far Failed To Find Any Evidence That Through This Bug Can Cause Serious Damage To The Operating System, Such As, For Example, It Is Possible To Wannacry», - Said Durov.
The World Needs A Cyber Defense
In May 2017 Vulnerability In Windows Has Resulted In A Global Hacker Attack When Wannacry Virus Has Infected 300 Thousand. Computers In 150 Countries. This Hacking Paralyzed The Work Of Some Departments, Institutions And Companies, Resulting In The Damage Done To Them Was Estimated At $ 1 Billion.
The Attack Suffered Most Windows 7 Users - 98% Of All Infected.
This OS Is The Most Common Version Of Windows In The World, Ahead Of Windows 10 Four Times.

The Patch Is Capable Of Protecting From wannacry, Was Released Microsoft A Few Months Before A Hacker Attack, But Because Of The Careless Attitude To Update The System From Malicious Actions Affected The German Rail Operator Deutsche Bahn, The Spanish Telecommunications Operator Telefonica, The Logistics Company The Fedex, French Avtokorporatsiya Renault, Ministry Russian Internal Affairs And Many Others.
President Of Microsoft Bred Smit In A Statement Called Wannacry «Wake-Up Call" For The Attack All Over The World, Again Pointing To The Importance Of The Timely Updating Of The System In Dealing With New And New Vulnerabilities That Hackers Can Exploit.
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