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Samsung Electronics to Launch Gallon 8 with Dual Camera

Samsung Electronics will install a dual camera on its next smartphone. The world's largest smartphone maker is expected to see rapid growth in the dual-camera market. Camera modules, lenses, image sensors and other related industries. According to the industry, Samsung Electronics decided to install a dual camera on its smartphone and started work on it. Samsung Electronics is developing dual cameras directly, and Samsung Electronics and other partners are also participating in the dual camera project. There are only three projects currently underway. 
Samsung gallon 8

The dual camera is expected to be installed on the smartphone launched in the second half of this year. Samsung Electronics originally intended to put a dual camera on the Galaxy S8 series, but gave up on the Galaxy S8 just before the mass production. Price and design were the obstacles. But this time, the industry is analysing that it is sure to mount as it is developing multiple models. Samsung Electronics is the first to use a dual camera in its smartphone. Samsung Electronics has been using only a single camera with a single lens. It is because of the development of dual camera technology and market competition. Dual cameras are simply a combination of two cameras. Since two photographs are taken with two cameras, various effects can be realised. For example, each lens can be used to capture background and subject focus separately, which can greatly improve picture quality. The dual camera itself is not a technology that never existed before.

LG Electronics applied Dual Camera to 'Optimus 3D' smartphone in 2011. HTC launched a dual-camera smartphone in 2014. However, some users were curious and did not succeed. Camera performance is lower than that of the competition, which has lowered the picture quality. Dual cameras have come back to life since last year. This is because smartphone camera performance has improved and it has become difficult to differentiate the flagship model. The dual camera has reappeared to meet the eye-level of smartphone users who demand more differentiated pictures while enjoying shooting. LG Electronics applied dual cameras to the 'G5' and 'V20' launched in the last two years. Huawei installed a dual camera on the 'P9'. 

Here Apple also applied to 'iPhone 7 Plus', a dual camera winged. LG has enhanced its wide-angle shooting capabilities with dual cameras. Apple recognises the subject at different depths, creating a clear portrait and blurred background. Samsung Electronics is expected to use dual cameras for zoom function, low light shooting and focus. Samsung's dual-camera adoption has been a major boost for the related parts industry, including camera modules, lenses and image sensors. Samsung Electronics is the number one smartphone maker in the world. Sales volume reaches 400 million units annually. Initially, dual cameras will be applied to some models, but the spread will be accelerated once adoption begins. 

In particular, the average selling price (ASP) of dual cameras is more than 1.5 times that of single cameras, which is expected to serve as a new electricity to expand camera module market. LG Innotek sold more than KRW1 trillion in camera modules in 4Q08 thanks to the supply of dual cameras to Apple. Market researcher Techno System Research predicts that demand for dual cameras will increase from 76 million units in 2016 to 600 million units in 2020. In 2020, three of the top 10 smartphones are expected to be equipped with dual cameras. 

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