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Google Chrome Experiment, Fun Starts Here

Google Chrome Experiment, Fun Starts Here
Whether you like or hate Google Chrome, it changes the way we browse the web. And for its "good", the industry is obvious to all. Just as Firefox (Firefox) uses many of the same features as Google Chrome, and Microsoft's release of Windows 10 next-generation Spartan browser also draws some of the features of Google Chrome.
Previously, Google promoted the Web-related programming language and encouraged those creative programmers to use HTML5 and Java to create a unique and elegant web experience. According to statistics, there are now more than 1,200 Chrome experimental projects released on the Internet.

Chrome Experiment
Google Chrome Experiment is the 2009 Google support for users to use the Chrome system for web experiments. The project encourages users to submit web experiments, initially just to detect Java's potential with Chrome browser performance. But with the increase in users, a variety of novel pages have emerged. Now they have even become a web page tool for research and teaching.
By 2015, the number of experiments on the Chrome Experiment site has reached 999, when Google engineers also designed the Chrome Experiment # 1000 website to help users find and explore other 999 experiments faster and easier.
Chrome Experiment # 1000 actually became the first thousand web experiment projects, and now the number of experimental projects has more than 1200, Google Chrome Experiment site has become a veritable open source web technology concentration camp.
Here is the list of some google chrome experiments.

This is a WebGL remake of space gravity game that originally made on Linux with OpenGL, but now porting to WebGL. The aim of the game is to collect the nuts without crashing into the planets or running out of fuel. This experiment continually improving and adding new features to this project. The technology used in this project Javascript with jQuery and Three.js frameworks.

AutoDraw may be a new reasonably drawing tool. It pairs machine learning with drawings from proficient artists to assist everybody in creating something visual, fast. There’s nothing to transfer. Nothing to purchase. And it works anywhere: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.
AutoDraw’s suggestion tool uses an equivalent technology employed in QuickDraw, to guess what you’re making an attempt to draw. Right now, it can guess many drawings and expect to add additional over time. If you're curious about making drawings for others to use with AutoDraw, you can use it.

Video Puzzle is technically a game, but its value comes from its fascinating visual effects. The experiment will be in the video playback will be a complete video screen automatically divided into many small pieces to form a puzzle, the layout of the same as the jigsaw puzzle. It is the main test of the user at any time to track the situation in the video. This puzzle is particularly appealing for the child, it is not difficult but compared with the conventional puzzle more challenges.

If you are fascinated by the more traditional games, X-Type will be a good choice. X-Type is a sophisticated small spacecraft shooter, in order not to be eliminated from winning, in the face of their enemy several times better than the enemy, the precision shooting. Designers from the R-Type (a horizontal version of the shooting game) on the name of the inspiration.

Silk is just a very short game, but the same can not be missed. In this game, the user only needs to use the mouse or simply draw a finger with a pattern, the program will automatically complete the remaining part. 
Google Chrome Experiment, Fun Starts Here
The biggest significance of this game may be whether the user has no artistic talent, as long as the move, try to play their own imagination, you can complete their own artistic creation.

Cube is a WebGL-based game that runs on Google Maps-based data. Although it is largely in forAdvertising, but the user was able to be fascinated by it in an instant. The game also has a bonus, unless you are a game "veteran", or bonus can not be so easy into your pockets.

GeoGuessr is also a love game, but geographically knowledgeable people may play handier. The game will first use the advanced positioning technology to randomly put the user anywhere (through Google Street View), the user needs to be part of the street to infer their own location. This seems to be very simple, but it is actually difficult, after all, many places in the world look very similar.

Among all Chrome Experiment games, Racer is one of the most innovative features. This game can be used on Chrome-compatible mobile devices, users only need to find a few small partners can play together. In the game, each person has a runway, the player needs to complete the corresponding mileage on the phone race and avoid the collision, the user can also move through the mobile phone screen to speed up. It looks simple, but it's hard to win the game.

In fact, there are many other games in the Chrome Experiment worth a try.
      For example, Land Lines, as long as you casually draw a thread, it will automatically match the satellite map similar to the natural landscape, architecture, street form; such as The WebGL Globe, a data geography visualization platform - the use of this project to provide open source Code, we can make their own data of the Earth; there BioDigital Human, a highly completed human anatomy project, worthy of medical students and practitioners a hand.
        When we understand these pages more, we seem to understand the more Google, the more can find it different. In Google's values, in addition to innovation, personality, bones, emotions, humor, human touch, etc. also in the corporate culture of the flow of blood.

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