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ETRI Developed the world’s first new OLED display

technology blogger | aman goutam | ETRI Developed the world’s  first new OLED display
One station, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI) succeeded in integrating the transparent electrode and the world’s first OLED display. This study is meaningful because it is the result obtained after 4 years of effort. Graphene OLED displays are clearly different from existing OLED display, and their application range is very broad, so it is no exaggeration to say that they are innovations in the display market.

How will it be used

Once developed, Samsung, LG, Apple etc global electronics companies are applying new display all the smart devices market, because the use of strong material to warp,  which can carry instead of rolled electronic devices, folders, Smartphone, etc. Everything you can think of is more likely to developed.
In addition, it is possible to manufacture Ultra-large OLED displays thinner and lighter, and since the graphene electrode is very thin it is possible to combine various smart technologies with clothes.

A change in technology can change the life of the whole human race

The graphene OLED  display is cheap because the material is carbon, while the material value is low. In the conventional display, the rare earth indium is included, which is expensive. And since the graphene OLED display is made of nonmaterial, its thickness is about 20.000 times thinner than conventional methods. In addition, since graphene itself is strong and rigid against bending, it can be widely used not only in displays but also in other fields. Because of the above reasons, it is called innovation of display technology and it is getting attention from the scientific community and the media.   

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